Tracking app installation

Click here for a description of TrackMe2

1. Using your android device install the app TrackMe2.

2. Open the application.

3. Press allow. If you don't allow this the application will stop.

4. Type in your login details


Important Note: 

It has been reported that some cell phones may prevent the application to run in the background, specially on Android 8.0 and after. 

    The application:

  1. Needs to be allowed to auto start
  2. Should not be battery optimized



1. Settings  Battery  : Auto-start Manager - find TrackMe2 - Allow

2. Settings  Battery  Battery optimization  - find TrackMe2 - disable optimize

don't battery optimize



1-2. Settings  Battery Launch - find TrackMe2 - Manage manually - OK 

Also you have to lock the app:



1. Allow autostart:

Press the security app

Press permissions

Press autostart


Make sure Trackme2 is enabled to autostart


2. Prevent killing Trackme2 from memory:

Press the first menu button on the button left

Find Trackme2 and pull it down

Press the Lock button