About TrackMe2

TrackMe2 is an app currently available only for Android.

Installation instructions available.

  • The main purpose of this app is to send your location when you are in need of help.

It has  been observed that when you are panicking, it is very difficult to give your exact position or describe what you need, wasting precious seconds or minutes.

Ask help from emergency services that are available in the area sending your GPS location. A chat channel opens directly with the requested emergency service so you can input additional info.

You can add friends & family that can also receive your help request and share your GPS location with. Only the friends & family that you allow (trusted devices) will receive you GPS location and help requests.

In normal mode, location is sent to trusted devices every 5 minutes by default. This doesn't use significant battery or mobile data. You can disable any time this location sharing.

In fast mode or when asking for help, your location is sent every 10 seconds to trusted devices and emergency services and emergency neighbourhood groups (if you belong to any). This is higher in battery consumption and use of mobile data, if no wifi available. This mode is automatically terminated in 1 hour by default, in order to save battery.

  • In addition TrackMe2 can send instant messages to your emergency group or even to all emergency groups that are connected.

Features available since Version 1.2:

  • Remotely control your device through our webpage http://safesa.co.za/track. Useful if you lose your phone or  if it gets stolen. You can now remotely:
    • turn your device to patrolling mode (real time tracking).
    • activate a loud siren on your device even if it was on silent.
  • Your devices' speed is tracked and displayed on the main screen of Trackme2. You can also activate a speed alarm, which alerts you when you exceed an adjustable pre-set speed limit. To activate the speed alarm go to settings - general.
  • GPS accuracy is also now displayed as a circle on the map. According to developers there is a 68% probability that the true location is within the circle.


  • When in battery saving mode your device does not gain GPS positions.
  • Don't turn off GPS tracking from your device as you won't be able to use it in an emergency or remotely turn on the tracking. If you don't wish Trackme2 to send your position on normal mode you can go to settings - Data & sync and set "Send location every" to "Never". With these settings it will only send your location if you ask for help or if you go in patrol mode.