Secure your gate

Most break-ins happen through gates that are not secured correctly by installer.

Even heavy gates can be lifted with one hand and a crowbar:

lift gate with crowbar 

If there is space, the guide can be broken off

break guide off gate

or bent, so the gate is loose.

Bent gate rail


Install anti-lift where the gates closes (in front) and at the rear.

Pin in the front part at the bottom that locks in thick metal plate when gate closes:

Gate anti-lift front bottom

Anti-lift in the front at the top. Should check that the play is not too much:

anti lift front top

Anti-lift at the rear at the bottom:

anti lift rear bottom

Gaps between gate and motor guide should be covered so that a crowbar can't fit:

Covered gaps at  gate guide

Lastly there shouldn't be big gaps near the gate motor:

Gaps in gate allowing access to motorCovered gaps. No access to gate motor

The gate motor should be in cage and out of sight:

gate motor in cage out of reach and sight

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